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The Ghost of the Mary Celeste


"Fellow fans of Valerie Martin, I've got good and bad news. The good: She has a new novel on the way, The Ghost of the Mary Celeste (Nan A. Talese). The bad: You have to wait until January 28, 2014, to read it."

-The BookPage Blog  Read



The Ghost of the Mary Celeste is a wonderfully ingenious novel, compelling, convincing and exciting.

– John Banville


Valerie Martin is a writer of immense talent and insight. Her latest novel weaves a beautiful tale of loss, love and the connections that link us. One moment we're aboard the doomed ship, another we're in the pages of a diary, yet another we're looking out the window at a tragedy. The Ghost of the Mary Celeste offers readers a riveting cast and evocative prose.

– Yann Martel


Valerie Martin has written a splendid, mysterious and beautiful new novel, The Ghost of the Mary Celeste. She writes about great ocean voyages and storms that tear apart both ships and hearts. She tells a seafaring tale in the tradition of Melville, and conjures up a mystery worthy of Arthur Conan Doyle, who actually appears as a character and plays a vital role. She writes about spiritualism with both clarity and skepticism, and in Violet Petra she has created a woman for the ages.

—Pat Conroy



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