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"A complex and emotionally rich novel. . . . Valerie Martin leaves you with a sense of having read a story that will continue to unfold long after you have put the book down."

—Times Literary Supplement (London)


"This is a novel you read with sharp attention, both to the important questions it asks and to the complicated answers it offers."

—Entertainment Weekly


"American exceptionalism. American self-absorption. Books, essays and newspaper columns have treated the theme, but not much fiction [until] Valerie Martin in [this] dark and wickedly diverting novel about the storm-driven erosion of Fortress America."

—Richard Eder, Los Angeles Times 


"Ambitious. . . . Trespass's dramatic yet wholly surprising conclusion underscores that the future arrives with every minute-even if we can't predict which corner of the past it will spring from."



"Provocative and exhilarating. . . . a masterly tale of transgression, acceptance, diplomacy, war, class conflict, love, forgiveness, and jealousy."

The Times (London)


"Trespass provides a searing commentary on the human desire to set boundary lines against threats, perceived and real. It's a testament to Martin's skill as both storyteller and writer that her complex characters defy separation into two camps-those who accept and those who judge. Nothing in Trespass is quite as it seems, and that is precisely the point."

—San Francisco Chronicle


"[A] gripping and powerful novel of tight-lipped manners and horrific atrocities."

—Margaret Atwood


"Unsettling and at times tragic, Trespass casts a cold eye on the American family and reveals the uncertainties that cloud our evolving national identity."

Time Out New York


"[Martin] is not afraid to take risks. . . . Trespass is a beautifully constructed, richly textured, and elegantly written novel."

The Independent (London)


"Stunning. . . . initially propelled by a drumbeat of dread, this book morphs into something both thoughtful and magical."

—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"[Martin's] most intriguing and absorbing novel yet…A brilliant contemporary novel that plays out on the world stage."

—The New Orleans Times-Picayune